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​Blog ~kyoto walk and eat~

​Gion Matsuri


This year, for the first time in three years, the Yamaboko procession of the Gion Festival will be held. Kikusui-hoko and Ofunaboko, and the Yamaboko Junko (float procession) of Takaboko, which has been restored for the first time in 200 years, will be held after the festival. The Gion Festival has different atmospheres during the day and night, with the festival quieter at night with lanterns and more elegant and lively during the day. Incidentally, children seem to be more interested in the floats than the floats (*_*) (2022.7)

​April 2022 Kyoto Cherry Blossoms

​Just take a look for these beautiful sights!!​

Tour of Autumn Foliage in Kyoto in 2021


Shisen-do Temple, Ruriko-in Temple, and Iwakura Jisso-in Temple are located near Flat.
Iwakura Jissoin Temple, which is a short train ride away, and the last one is Tofukuji Temple in Higashiyama-ku, famous for its maple trees.
All of them are breathtakingly beautiful. I was very impressed.
Reservations were required for the nighttime viewing at Ryuriko-in and Tofuku-ji.
(Ruriko-in temple was ¥2,000 if paid on site, and Tofuku-ji temple was ¥3,000 if paid by credit card online.)

Capital Toyotei

Capital Toyotei is a long-established Western-style restaurant in front of the main gate of the Prefectural Botanical Garden in Kitayama.
On this day, we ordered the prix fixe course (¥2625~).
The hors d'oeuvre of whole tomatoes was made by chilling peeled tomatoes in hot water, topped with tuna salad and drizzled with dressing.
The hamburger steak wrapped in aluminum foil is always juicy and served with a whole baked potato.
I have loved this dish since I was a child.
I even finished my pudding and coffee, and was very full.

Botanical Garden on the night of the lunar eclipse in 2021

I enjoyed the transition from blue maples to autumn leaves. The clear mirror-like reflection of the leaves on the pond was breathtaking! The clear air refreshed my soul. The greenhouse is also open to visitors free of charge.

Kyoto retro (old-fashioned) coffee shops