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Traffic Guide

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Eizan Railway lines Eizan Electric Railway Co., a part of Keihan Electric Railway Co., Ltd. 

Once you get off the railway at Demachiyanagi station, Keihan main railway station Demachiyanagi is just its underneath.


"Demachiyanagi " transit can be made within short period of time.

Shugakuin Station


Demachiyanagi Station


"Demachiyanagi" is near the world heritage site, 下鴨神社 Shimogamo- Shrine and also a wallking distance to 京都御所 Kyoto Imperial Palace.

Kyoto City Bus services are also available from "Deamachiyanagi" towards Western-North part of Kyoto city:


上賀茂神社 Kamigamo-shrine by #4,

北野天満宮 Kitano Tenmangu Shrine by #203 etc.

Keihan Railway (From Demachiyanagi sta.)   /Kintetsu Railway


Keihan can bring you to not only City centre but also right in front of world-famous Fushimi Inari Shrine,world heritage site Kiyomizudera Temple,  Uji Byodo-in Temple, and on the top, it brings you to Osaka within one hour by its express service.


You may change from Keihan to Kintetsu at "Tanba-Bashi Station" to visit the oldest capital of Japan, Nara.


As Keihan and Kintetsu are private companies, travel fares are cheaper than JR services which is not much useful within Kyoto tourist areas.

They issue fey types of travel passes for tourists which come with coupon vouchers for museums and other shops.

三条 Sanjo (⇒City Centre)

祇園四条 Gion-shijo (⇒City centre)

清水五条 Kiyomizu-gojo (⇒清水寺 KiyomizuDera Temple)

七条 Shichijo

東福寺 Tofukuji (⇒東福寺 Tofukuji) (⇒JR)

伏見稲荷 Fushimi-inari (⇒伏見稲荷大社 Fushimi Inari Taisha)

丹波橋 Tambabashi (⇒Kintetsu RailwayNara Pref.)

中書島 Chushojima (⇒Uji ⇒宇治平等院 Uji Byodoin)

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